Death Valley

Written by:
Eden Francis Compton
Narrated by:
Chris Andrew Ciulla

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2023
8 hours 21 minutes
Love has a brother … and his name is hate.

Life was never easy for Marcus, even before his parents’ murder/suicide in a seedy trailer park in Florida. Now he’s landed in Vegas with his older brother, Mac, hoping to start over. But plans usually go sideways when Mac’s involved. He’s a mean brawler, and Marcus all too often ends up on the receiving end.

Then Marcus meets Trina—a ray of hope in his sea of despair. He’s smitten. Trina, however, has a thing for bad boys, and Mac is as bad as they come.

After an unlikely stroke of good fortune dumps a heap of cash in their laps, their pressure-cooker existence explodes and all hell breaks loose.

Death Valley is a story of how far you can push someone before they finally push back. It’s about love, greed, and the wide-open desert where men mostly end up dead.
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