The Deal Breaker

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2019
11 hours 42 minutes
Working for my ex-boyfriend? Sure. But falling for him again? That's a deal breaker.

Dancing around my office in my bra isn't exactly the way I'd have chosen to run into my ex for the first time in twelve years, but what can I say? Wes Lake has always had a knack for showing up at the most inopportune times.

Unfortunately, he also has a knack for leaving. That's why I've made every effort to put him out of my head-and my heart.

But this time, he needs my help. Wes Lake, head of Manhattan's preeminent real estate development firm, needs my tiny little marketing start-up to take on a special project at his company. The money's too good to turn down, so even though I'm leery of working for my ex, I accept.

There's just one problem: I can't stop kissing him.

I know better. I swear I do. But that doesn't stop my lips from being magnetically drawn to his every time we're in the same room. Can you blame me? He's gorgeous, wealthy, powerful-and he still remembers how to push all the right buttons.

So to keep things professional, Wes and I strike another kind of deal.

- No kissing.

- No talking about the past.

- No seeing each other outside of work.

- Did I mention no kissing?

Shouldn't be a problem, right? Except I might have underestimated Wes. Because when it comes to business-or pleasure-he'll do anything to seal the deal.

Even if it means breaking my heart in the process.

Contains mature themes.
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Book states off slow & i can't stand the male character to begin with, but it gets better.

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Lovely book I really did enjoy !

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This was a sweet, clever, funny book. I enjoyed it a lot. We’re really not reading a romance book because we think this happens every day, but because we need some fantasy where good things happen to normal people, and they live happily ever after. Face it-not much happily ever after in the real world. ;-P if you want to read something “believable”, go read a documentary!

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Good story

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Ashante Williams

good story.

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Holly Leach

The narrator's were just fine, although even at 1.5 this book was slooooow. Who's still upset about prom night 12 years later?! Could not get into this book, gave up at 25%. DNF.

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