Dazzling Description: Painting the Perfect Picture

Dazzling Description: Painting the Perfect Picture

Written by:
William Bernhardt
Narrated by:
William Bernhardt
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2020
2 hours 24 minutes
How do you create a fictional world that readers will want to visit? How do you paint a picture that springs to life on the page? William Bernhardt explains how to use description and setting to enhance your story without slowing the pace. Bernhardt discusses showing without telling, providing descriptive details that inform character, and integrating visuals and action with 'stealth description.' In his direct, no-nonsense style, Bernhardt explains how to use all five senses to create a fully realized portrait.

William Bernhardt is the bestselling author of more than fifty books, including the bestselling Daniel Pike novels. Bernhardt is also one of the most sought-after writing instructors in the nation. He has received the Southern Writers Gold Medal Award and the H. Louise Cobb Distinguished Author Award, which is given 'in recognition of an outstanding body of work that has profoundly influenced the way in which we understand ourselves and American society at large.' In 2019, he received the Arrell Gibson Lifetime Achievement Award.

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