The Day I Died: Ten Remarkable True Stories of Neardeath Experience

Written by:
Tammy Cohen
Narrated by:
Simon Whistler

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2013
7 hours 19 minutes
What happens to us when we die? Where do people go? What do they see? What messages do they receive? Why are they allowed to come back? "The Day I Died" brings together ten profoundly moving testimonies from people who have passed through the limits of human endurance and beyond. Around the world, ordinary people go about their daily lives convinced they've had a glimpse into the afterlife. Their eyewitness accounts often share uncanny similarities, and this book does justice to this beguiling subject by analyzing dramatic narratives and shedding light on a phenomenon at the crossroads of the medical and the mystical. Tammy Cohen presents ten intriguing real-life accounts, including a man who 'died' on the operating table and awoke with increased psychic abilities, a victim of domestic abuse who had a life-changing unusual out-of-body experience, plus stories from people who had 'drowned' and 'died' of heart attacks. Powerful, challenging and endlessly fascinating, "The Day I Died" celebrates both pleasurable and distressing neardeath experiences when death came calling, but left empty-handed.
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