Damnation Street

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2006
9 hours 6 minutes
They are two sworn enemies with a single obsession: a woman on the run from them both.Scott Weiss is a private detective. John Foy is a professional killer. The woman is Julie Wyant, a hooker with the face of an angel.Julie spent one night with Foy—a night of psychopathic cruelty that Foy called love. Desperate to get away from him, she vanished without a trace. And Foy wants her back.There’s only one man who can find her: Weiss, the best locate operative in the business. She’s begged him not to look for her, fearing he’ll bring the killer in his wake. But Weiss can’t stay away.Now, from a town called Paradise, through a wilderness that feels like hell, Weiss searches for Julie—and the killer follows, waiting for his chance.They are two expert hunters matching move for move—until it ends in gunfire on Damnation Street.
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Joseph M.

The story was great some of the wording seemed sophomoric at times. Overall very good listen.

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