Damage Control: A Novel

Written by:
Robert Dugoni
Narrated by:
Christopher Lane

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2007
10 hours 25 minutes
A rising star at her prestigious Seattle law firm, Dana Hill knows all about stress. She pours herself into her work and family with all the energy she has. But her carefully balanced life is about to be turned upside down. First a frightening medical diagnosis forces her to reassess her roles as a lawyer, mother, and wife to a man she suddenly no longer trusts. Then her life is rocked further by the shocking and brutal murder of her twin brother.With a smart, iconoclastic detective named Michael Logan as her only ally, Dana dives into the investigation, relentlessly seeking answers to who killed her brother and why. Logan cannot believe that the murder was anything more than a robbery gone terribly wrong. But when Dana uncovers a priceless handcrafted diamond earring in the debris of her twin’s trashed home, the case becomes more sinister. Dana is sure the jewel is the key to her twin’s secrets. And Logan becomes convinced it can help stop a string of cold-blooded murders that have followed in the wake of her brother’s death.As Dana and Logan chase the faint trail of evidence from Seattle to Maui, they threaten the reputation, career, and future of a powerful man who will stop at nothing to protect what he considers his. But for Dana, for whom time has a special meaning, nothing—not even her own life—is more important than finding the truth. She has moved beyond fear and beyond anyone’s attempts at damage control.
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Exceptional crime story. Good author and narrator. Story includes breast cancer.

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My pet peeve is descriptive writting. The was right up there. It almost took a full cd to get two people meeting at a coffee shop. From the color of the floors to the color of the seats. I couldn't get through it.

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Tom Bongi

Damage Control is sure to trigger the expected yet unnecessary comparisons of Dugoni to Grisham. Dugoni is a great author who has obviously come into his own with Damage Control. The book takes the reader on an exciting journey that is part murder mystery, part legal thriller and a lot of fun. You can tell that Dugoni spends a lot of time researching people, places and procedures before weaving the information into his complex, yet manageable storylines. Where would paramedics take a trauma victim after an accident at SeaTac airport? Seattle General or Harborview? No. Dugoni knows they go to Highline Community Hospital in Burien. The enjoyable pace, the subtle (and not-so-subtle) plot twists and the reader's need to know "Who's behind all this?" will keep you turning pages.

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