Curvy Girls Can't Date Rock Stars

Curvy Girls Can't Date Rock Stars

Written by:
Kelsie Stelting
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2022
7 hours 13 minutes
Meeting pop sensation Jude Santiago might be the best thing for my singing career. And the worst thing for my heart.

Singing is my life, but no agency will sign me because of my size. They want me to lose weight. Dress differently. Be someone other than my size twenty self.

They want me to be like Jude Santiago with his perfectly fitted jeans and tight t-shirts and completely sell out. There’s no way I’m going down that path, and I tell him so, publicly, on my Youtube channel.

But when it gets back to him, he has an agreement: go on tour with him and see for myself that he’s authentic. If I can’t, he won’t make another album.

This will be the sweetest bet I’ve ever won... Or the biggest, most public heartbreak of the century.

Curvy Girls Can’t Date Rock Stars is the vibrant, high stakes, rock star romance you’ve been dreaming of! Join these characters on stage as they battle for their careers and their hearts in the tenth book of The Curvy Girl Club!
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Tonya Miles

I really like the back and forth between girl and boy thoughts and actions. this one seemed a little more dark than any of the others touching on drug OD, death, loneliness, depression, struggles and so much more I do believe l. you captured it well. will you be doing a all grown up for these 5 too?

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