CRUCIBLE OF THE VAMPIRE: An ancient curse finds a new beginning

CRUCIBLE OF THE VAMPIRE: An ancient curse finds a new beginning

Written by:
Amanda Murray
Narrated by:
Gemma Lawrence
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2021
5 hours 5 minutes
Isabelle, a young university researcher, is sent to a country manor house deep in the heart of rural Shropshire to verify an ancient object that the family has discovered during the renovation of their home.

While Isabelle sets to work verifying its authenticity, she becomes the obsession of the owner’s strange but beautiful daughter and they develop a dangerous attraction.

Isabelle soon discovers that the object has a cursed history and that the house holds a dark and chilling secret. 

A chance finding of a 200 year old journal confirms Isabelle’s suspicions that the family are not the only residents at Ashwell Hall and something more terrifying lurks within.

The truth is far more shocking than she could have imagined and will change Isabelle’s life forever.

Around every corner lies another harrowing surprise and Isabelle will be tested to her limits as she tries to escape from the Crucible of the Vampire, a modern gothic thriller that transports you from the English Civil War to the present day.
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