The Crown Tower

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2013
12 hours 51 minutes
Michael J. Sullivan garnered critical raves and a massive readership for his Riyria Revelations series. The first book in his highly anticipated Riyria Chronicles series of prequels, The Crown Tower brings together warrior Hadrian Blackwater with thieving assassin Royce Melborn. The two form a less-than-friendly pairing, but the quest before them has a rare prize indeed, and if they can breach the supposedly impregnable walls of the Crown Tower, their names will be legend.
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Charles N.

I really enjoyed the story

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Rosemary C.

Wish I would have found these books before reading the theft of swords but better late than never. Like the series. The characters keep me interested in the story The narrator does a good job with the voices. Entertaining to say the least.

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Maryam A.

After I finished reading the whole series of Riyria Revelation, I have a completely fell in love with Hadrian Blackwater, and I was so sad to say him goodbye and then I found out there was more of Hadrian. So far I am completely happy with this book it was worth of my time I love the storyline #Hadrian#love

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Brittney G.

As always, an amazing book read by an amazing narrator. Michael J. Sullivan brings our two favorite characters together as only he could. And Tim Gerard Reynolds breathes real life into all of the incredible characters.

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Chasi D.

Love the Riyira series so I was super excited to start learning the background of the characters. It didn't disappoint with the start.

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Rick W


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Cheryl S.

love everything about Hadrian and Royce, it was so good to see their meet cute!

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Alan R.

I really enjoyed the previous series and these characters, I’m looking forward to reading the prequel, the narrator is excellent.

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Eric Perreault

Good prequel

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Alina N.

I loved this book, interesting plot, great Narrator. Can’t wait to read the second one

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I enjoyed listening to it mainly because the characters are so personable.

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elle carter

good storyline read well great characters

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Dale T.


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Great series over all finished all 4 books while working love the personality of side characters

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Colin W.

Loved it! Great story

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Gary C.

Michael and Tim make a great team the Riyira series is no exception.

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I can't get enough Hadrian and Royce. This book is amazing. I listened to it many times over and its my go to when nothing else strikes my fancy.

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I love this book. I hope there will be a book 3. I am loving me some Royce!

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Paula M.

Loved having Hadrian and Royce back!

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Kenneth M.

Great book with awesome characters. Can’t wait to start the Riyia Series.

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Jennifer M.

Had me from the first chapter! Can't wait to read the rest of the 8!

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Perfect setup for an epic journey. Will be moving on to the next one!

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Per M.

I’m hooked! This is a great story, and well written.. I have just purchased the next

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Lisa C.

Good book! I'm going to listen to the whole series or as many as are available. Narrator was really good with all the voices.

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Ang A.

Not enough inertia

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Brock T.

My first introduction into Sullivan’s world. Great characters and development. The stories of the characters are intertwined in a way so that you are never left with a longing to just get through one group to get to the other. They are all intriguing and never used as fill.

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David C.

I got this book as a VIP award not really my preferred genre so my rating reflects this. I would suggest this book is essentially Harry Potter for adults. That said perhaps my lack of preference for a book of this type gives review more credibility? The book is well written, the character development is well thought, and thus is an entertaining read. The narration was superior.

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Ryan B.

great read. very enjoyable. loved the mysterious vibe

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Jill V.

I love these books and the narrator.

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Tracey S.

absolutely brilliant, good storyline...

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Andrea Marello

Michael Sullivan has done it again! Great prologue to his other books; as good a story as one would expect! And love the narrator!

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