Cross the Line

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2016
8 hours 32 minutes
In all of Alex Cross's years with Homicide, Washington, DC, has never been more dangerous.

After shots pierce the tranquil nighttime calm of Rock Creek Park, a man is dead: what looks at first like road rage might be something much more sinister. But Alex has only just begun asking questions when he's called across town to investigate a new murder, one that hits close to home: Washington's own chief of detectives. And Alex's former boss, beloved mentor of Alex's wife, Bree.

Now there's a killer on the loose, a long list of possible suspects, a city in panic, and nobody in charge of the besieged police force.
Until Bree gets tapped for the job.

As Bree scrambles to find her footing and close two high-profile cases, new violence stuns the capital. What should be a time for her to rely on Alex for support and cooperation is instead a moment of crisis in their marriage as well as their city when their investigative instincts clash and their relationship reaches a breaking point.

And the fiendish mind behind all the violence has appointed himself judge, jury, and executioner, with a terrifying master plan he's only begun to put in motion. To beat him at his own game, Alex and Bree must take the law back into their own hands before he puts them both out of commission...permanently.
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Great book for a long drive.

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Darrick J.

Not his best work. It was a little slow and predictable.

Profile Avatar
Karen M.

It was a great listen!!!!!!! It made a long drive a pleasure!

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Glenda F.

I just love the books that James Patterson writes. I listened to it while driving to and from Wisconsin.

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james s

This was another great book by James Paterson. As always keep me entertained while high in the Colorado mountains. Great book.

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Lorri H

I love the Alex Cross series. This got me through an 8 hour drive-I didn't want to get out of the car!

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Zach M

This is one of my favorite in the Alex Cross Series, well worth the listen

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ryler g

I have absolutely become engulfed into this story. it's an excellent novel and I enjoyed it very much.

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Lorraine M

Thoroughly enjoyed this book! very intense all the way through, never a dull moment.

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Dina J

James Patterson did it again. Another phenomenal Alex Cross adventure. I LOVED it!!!

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Carolyn Donovan

This wasn't my cup of tea. I think as a "read" I would've liked it better than as a "listen." The narration was both good and bad; I know there needs to be a lot of detail in thrillers in order for them to be thrilling, but the listening to all the details wore me down. Also, the main female protagonist's voice made her sound like a high-school cheerleader, not a woman who has just been made chief of detectives. I got three hours into it, then had to give up.

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William Graham

Just another great book by James Patterson.

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David Law

Another great read from James Patterson!

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Tammy Caraglin

I enjoyed this book. I really like James Patterson books especially the sound effects.

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lori handy

This was good.

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MIke Hansen

Good but not his best work.

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Therese Whitt

This was another home run Alex Cross novel!

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