The Crime Beat: Episodes 7-9: Tokyo, San Francisco, Los Angeles

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2021
5 hours 41 minutes
A brilliant reporter, haunted by her husband's death . . .

A disgraced cop, tangled in a web of lies . . .

Two unlikely heroes. One unthinkable crime.

Listen to the final three episodes of this addictive series.

The Crime Beat, Episode 7: Tokyo: Cole and Warren must split up. Cole travels to Tokyo as the ramifications of her article shock the world and her fame nearly drowns her. Meanwhile, Warren travels back to Washington DC to pursue an investigation of his own.

The Crime Beat, Episode 8: San Francisco: In Episode 8, Cole and Warren reconvene in San Francisco, hot on the trail of the mastermind of the nine murders. But when a Brazilian media mogul is killed while taking a selfie on the Golden Gate Bridge, they realize that the plot was even bigger than they imagined.

The Crime Beat, Episode 9: Los Angeles: In the final episode of The Crime Beat, everything comes together in Los Angeles. On New Year's Eve, a brutal terrorist attack threatens the city. But is it connected to the nine murders? And will Cole and Warren reach the mastermind of the killings before the plan reaches completion?
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