Crime and Punishment

Narrated by:
Michael Sheen

Abridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 1994
3 hours 44 minutes
A century after it first appeared, Crime and Punishment remains one of the most gripping psychological thrillers. A poverty-stricken young man, seeing his family making sacrifices for him, is faced with an opportunity to solve his financial problems with one simple but horrifying act: the murder of a pawnbroker. She is, he feels, just a parasite on society. But does the end justify the means? Rodion Romanovitch Raskolnikov makes his decision and then has to live with it. Dostoyevsky, in masterly fashion, contrasts the comedy and tragedy of life in St Petersburg with the anguish and turmoil of Raskolnikov's inner life.
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Gilbert Sanchez

New to audiobooks. This is my second book so far (trying to really encompass classic literature). A lot of lessons learned. 1) abridged vs unabridged. I was excited that this book was only 3-4 hours long. Well now I know. It's a abridged version of the audio and a lot of story was not told. When I was on Wikipedia reading the debated "themes" of this book. There was reference that I hadn't heard while listening. 2) Audio stories where the characters have extended Russian names was difficult to follow. I had to relisten to certain parts over and over again. 3) A British accented narrator didn't help with the Russian names. It was like a perfect storm. The story was great though. I was a little frustrated with the main characters willingness to convict himself of murder due to paranoia and his conscious. Might be that I'm a desensitized millennial but it was frustrating to hear. I'd listen to the unabridged version if you have the time.

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