The Cove

Written by:
Catherine Coulter
Narrated by:
Sandra Burr

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2006
11 hours 0 minutes
A picturesque town. A woman on the run. An undercover agent. The first riveting novel in Catherine Coulter’s #1 New York Times bestselling FBI Thriller series.

Sally Brainerd can’t remember what happened the night her father was murdered. Maybe she did it. Or maybe it was her poor, traumatized mother. Either way, the safest place for her is far away from Washington, D.C. But while her aunt’s home in The Cove should be a quiet refuge, Sally can’t shake the feeling that there’s something not quite right about the postcard perfect little town.

Despite his target’s checkered past and convenient memory loss, FBI Special Agent James Quinlan isn’t convinced she’s the killer—but maybe she knows who is. As he uses his cover to get close to Sally and unearth the memories her mind has hidden away, James can’t deny his connection to the troubled woman. But as their lies and passions intertwine, Sally and James soon learn they aren’t the only ones keeping deadly secrets in The Cove….
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Solveig S.

The Author has you in suspense right from the beginning. This is the third book I have read from Catherine Coulter and I can’t wait for the next one

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Pamela Brown

Good mystery plot. narrator does a great job on the characters

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Patty K.

Horrible to listen to with run on sentences. The writing was terrible

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Kortney H

Great book great series. I have all of them now. Love voice

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Cynthia wells

I loved it. I found the story full of twist and turns and a lot of determined people . The characters got hurt a lot. The horrible father who in the end turned out to really be a total ass hole. I was suspect of the aunt from he beginning. The town was oh so crazy. The story was wonderful.

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This was an OK listen. The suspense and Coulter's writing work to keep you wondering what will happen next. The plot is a bit silly and far fetched. But not so much so that the enjoyment leaves. The ending is a bit drawn out. Once Coulter ties up all the loose ends, I was ready to say good bye to these characters. When she continued going, I thought she was leading up to a pizazz ending. But no. The narration was not bad--EXCEPT for a few characters. Sandra Burr gave them an irritating nasal quality. I had to force myself from picturing a SNL conehead skit. At times though, an image of Dan Akroyd's Conehead came bursting through and there was nothing else to do but laugh. I'll think twice about listening to a book, though, if I find that Sandra Burr is the narrator. But, all in all, I do not begrudge the time I invested in this book.

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Really interesting listen. The story almost has a "Twilight-Zone-ish'" feel to it. What happens in the book could never truly happen in real life, but it does make you take pause and think "what if?". A little bit long, but well worth the listen. Surprisingly, it is also quite funny as well.

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I usually like Coulter books, but I found this one just a little too strange. The story was unlikely and very strained. I kept hoping this book would "read" better than it "sounded". Don't let this review discourage you from trying Catherine Coulter. Her books are usually great!

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I found this book to be tedious and silly. The plot was absured, the characters shallow and the ending not worth getting to. I have read her books before but this one just didn't measure up.

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