A Court of Honey and Ash [Dramatized Adaptation]: Honey and Ice 1

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2024
6 hours 4 minutes
'Orphaned. Trained to fight. Raised to fear the power of Underhill. Secretly in love with a man who doesn’t want me.
I’m still just Alli, aka the half-human orphan fae, but my life is looking up for the first time. It only took me my whole 24 years.
But when Underhill—the ancestral home of the fae—shatters, making it impossible for any fae to enter, I’m the only one who knows who did it.
A secret that will be the death of me if I do nothing.
A brutal madness spreads through the fae as they lose their connection to Underhill, and to save my people, my only choice is to leave all I have fought for and go on the run.
Unless I figure out how the hell magic that has existed since the dawn of time was destroyed with a single touch, well, an entire life spent fighting to prove myself isn’t going to mean anything at all. I must find the answer to the riddle of Underhill’s shattering.
Hunted by the very man I loved once upon a time.
Adapted from the novel and produced with a full cast of actors, immersive sound effects and cinematic music!
Performed by Tia Shearer, Nick J. Russo, Renee Dorian, James Lewis, Niusha Nawab, Alejandro Ruiz, Christopher Williams, Megan Hastie, Belsheber Rusape, Jonathon Church, Grace Srinivasan, Rob McFadyen, Yenni Ann, James J. Johnson, Kay Eluvian, Matthew Bassett, Emlyn McFarland, Dan Delgado, Bradley Foster Smith, Samantha Cooper, Ken Jackson, Stephanie Németh-Parker, Jeri Marshall, Terence Aselford, Scott McCormick, Karen Novack, Michael John Casey, and Yasmin Tuazon.'
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