Conversations from a Long Marriage: Series 5: A BBC Radio 4 comedy drama

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2024
2 hours 47 minutes
Roger Allam and Joanna Lumley star in the complete fifth series of the much-loved comedy drama

‘An endearing portrait of exasperation, laced with hard won tolerance – and something like love’ Guardian

Joanna Lumley and Roger Allam are passionate, affectionate long-marrieds, still loving and laughing their way through life after 50 years together (on and off).

We catch up with them as Joanna’s landmark birthday is looming, and – inspired by fond memories of ‘the Kerouac years’ – Roger surprises her with a nostalgic trip in a hippy love bus. Joanna, meanwhile, reminisces over their youthful Harley Davidson rides, indulges in a random act of kindness and relives old times when she visits an old friend in need.

Though lack of communication causes complications for their loved ones, it’s not a problem Joanna and Roger are ever likely to have – and whether they’re rescuing spiders or planning Auntie Hilda’s wedding, they’re never short of conversation. But talking can’t solve everything – and when a huge shock rocks the foundations of their marriage, a devastated Joanna makes a decision that will break Roger’s heart...

Conversations from a Long Marriage won the Voice of the Listener & Viewer Award for Best Radio Comedy in 2020, and was nominated for a Writers’ Guild Award in 2022 and a British Comedy Guide award in 2023. Scripted by award-winning journalist and comedy writer Jan Etherington (Second Thoughts, Faith in the Future), this beautifully crafted sitcom is by turns poignant and hilarious.

Production credits
Written by Jan Etherington
Produced and directed by Claire Jones
Sound engineer: Wilfredo Acosta
Sound designer: Jon Calver
Production coordinator: Katie Baum
A BBC Studios Production

First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 22 February-28 March 2024

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