Conversations from a Long Marriage: Series 4: A BBC Radio 4 Comedy Drama

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2023
2 hours 46 minutes
Joanna Lumley and Roger Allam star in the complete fourth series of the award-winning comedy drama

'Sublimely funny, touching... a work of supreme craftsmanship' Radio Times

'Jan Etherington has the pen of an angel' Joanna Lumley

Roger Allam and Joanna Lumley are back as the long-married couple who met in the Swinging Sixties and are still in love with life and each other. Most of the time...

We join them for more banter, bickering, confessions and reminiscences, as they dance in the kitchen, sing in the car and strive to keep the passion alive. They may be Senior Railcard holders, but they still feel the same inside - and while growing older has its challenges, from dodgy knees to failing eyesight, their relationship is still in vigorous health.

Having decided to put off selling the house, they're nonetheless adapting to a big change: Amy's moved in. She has long, thin legs and lots of black hair, which is why their new rescue dog is named after Amy Winehouse. Joanna's attempts at training are scuppered by Roger and Amy's 'lovefest', leading her to remark 'There are three of us in this marriage.' But though they're busier than ever, there's still plenty of time for godchildren, old friends, music, laughter and conversation...

Created by award-winning writer Jan Etherington, this brilliant comedy two-hander is based on her own long marriage to Gavin Petrie (with whom she wrote the hit series Second Thoughts and Faith in the Future). The winner of the 2020 Voice of the Listener & Viewer Award for Best Radio Comedy, it features two of Britain's most loved and illustrious actors at their very best.

Production credits
Written by Jan Etherington
Produced and directed by Claire Jones
Sound engineer: Wilfredo Acosta
Sound designer: Jon Calver
Production coordinator: Katie Baum
A BBC Studios Production

Starring Joanna Lumley and Roger Allam

First broadcast BBC Radio 4: 15 February-22 March 2023

© 2023 BBC Studios Distribution Ltd. (P) 2023 BBC Studios Distribution Ltd
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