Connected to You

Written by:
Endiya Carter
Narrated by:
Machelle Williams , Leon Nixon

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2020
8 hours 2 minutes
Keyara Henderson's life takes an unexpected turn when more than half of her vision deteriorates due to diabetes. In an effort to regain her independence, Keyara opts to attend Georgia Southern University, a prestigious university with a drive long enough to prevent her from having anyone to fall back on. Although he has reservations, Keyara's father relents under two conditions: one being that she must stay in an assisted living facility, and the other requiring her to employ a chauffeur.

Born to a superstar father, Marquez 'Rich' Richardson has lived up to the hype surrounding his last name, using it to bend the rules and escape trouble. After his son was caught in another drag racing/drunk driving scandal, Marquez's father has had enough of his son's irresponsible ways. He revokes his driving privileges before the police can do so. To drill in the importance of safe driving, he piles on a lesson to pair with this punishment: acting as Keyara Henderson's chauffeur. From the first day he begins walking her around, Marquez feels as if his social status is in jeopardy. The parties he once attended and the girls who would flock to him are put off by Keyara's presence. Although this is a problem in the beginning Marquez warms up to the determined Keyara. The problem standing in his way, his girlfriend Cajua Taylor.
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