Confessions of a Class Clown

Written by:
Arianne Costner
Narrated by:
Jacob Mcnatt

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2022
6 hours 6 minutes
This middle-school class clown's hilarious online videos might get thousands of views . . . but is fame worth the price of friendship? A heartfelt story with multiple perspectives about the challenges of social media.

Meet Jack Reynolds. Making people laugh is his life's work. Jack's wacky MyTube channel is really starting to take off. The only problem is, for the truly epic posts, he needs a collaborator. And, well, he doesn't exactly have any friends. So Jack has to swallow his pride and join the new afterschool club, Speed Friendshipping. But who would make the best partner in comedy?

- Brielle, Miss Perfect candidate for student body president?
- Mario, whose mom won't even let him have a smart phone?
- Or Tasha, the quiet, mysterious girl with a shaved head and a crocheted hat for every day of the week?

One of these kids could help catapult Jack to internet fame . . . or even become a true friend. But what will it cost him to go viral?

This middle school novel explores themes of friendship, belonging, and the ways social media can put pressure on today's kids.
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