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Cold-Case Christianity: 10th Anniversary Edition: A Homicide Detective Investigates the Claims of the Gospels

Written by:
J. Warner Wallace
Narrated by:
J. Warner Wallace

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2023
9 hours 12 minutes
Homicide detective J. Warner Wallace applies ten common rules of evidence to make the case for Christianity in this completely updated and expanded edition of the apologetic classic that has changed lives around the world. A devout atheist, J. Warner Wallace couldn’t imagine believing in the Christian faith—until he applied the same step-by-step investigative process he utilized in his work as a homicide detective to the case for Christianity. In light of the ten common rules of evidence that he’d used to solve crimes throughout his career, Wallace realized he could no longer deny the truth of Jesus Christ. And his life was never the same. A proven bestseller, Cold-Case Christianity shows: How detective skills help us determine the historical reliability of the Bible The role that evidence plays in the Christian definition of faith Why the gospel eyewitness accounts demonstrate the historicity of Jesus How rules of evidence help make the case for the proof of Christianity

An ideal book for spiritual seekers, as well as Christians who want to articulate the case for Jesus and the reliability of the Bible, this engaging exploration of Christianity answers the most important questions regarding the validity of the Bibl
Profile Avatar
Mike D.

What a great book to apply skillsets used in other, trusted professions to determine the validity of the Bible, those who wrote it, and what it says. A very practical walk through on the evidence and most reasonable conclusion. Would highly recommend to skeptics or apologists.

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