Code Word Access

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2023
11 hours 8 minutes
The future is in code.

Shawn Muller is a prodigy and he knows it. It is 2051 and the militarized AI he created to hunt terrorists has begun to dominate the network that controls everything from traffic to climate. Fearful of the power of the AI he calls “Lazy Jack” and the politicians who will use it, Shawn installs an algorithm to give his creation a system of ethics.

But when that very ethical standard causes Lazy Jack to declare Shawn a profound threat to society, he is forced into terrified flight to avoid summary execution as a terrorist.

Off the grid for the first time in his twenty-seven years, Shawn will find himself pursued not only by his creation and the government it has started to control, but also by the shadowy elements of society that reject domination by AI. Captured by the outlawed Organites, Shawn falls into the hands of their charismatic captain, Destiny.

Born to be enemies, Shawn and Destiny discover that their lives and the survival of their worlds are inextricably linked. Together with a host of unforgettable characters, they will struggle to bring down the system Shawn thought would save the world, leading them to face one of the most profound questions of human existence: Will we or will our creations decide what is right and what is wrong?
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