Co-Active Coaching Third Edition: Changing Business, Transforming Lives

Unabridged Audiobook

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July 2013
7 hours 11 minutes
When Co-Active Coaching was first released in 1998, this pioneering work set the stage for what has become a cultural and business phenomenon and helped launch the profession of coaching. Published in more than ten languages now, this book has been used as the definitive resource in dozens of corporate, professional development and university-based coaching programs as well as by thousands of individuals looking to elevate their communication, relationship and coaching skills. This fully revised third edition of Co-Active Coaching has been updated to reflect the expanded vision of the newly updated Co-Active Model and coaching course curriculum at The Coaches Training Institute, the training organization founded and run by the authors for 20 years. The third edition emphasizes evoking transformational change in the client and extends the use of the Co-Active Model into leadership management and its effectiveness throughout organizations. This edition also contains an on-line Coach's Toolkit (replacing the CD of the second edition), several new coaching demonstrations and more than 35 updated exercises, questionnaires, checklists and reproducible forms.
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Omer E.

Greatest book in coaching

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I love the practical example of sessions. I learned a lot and the recourses on the site mentioned are also very good. I will be an adamant follower from now on!

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