The Climax

Written by:
Allison Hobbs
Narrated by:
Samaya Zen

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2019
10 hours 40 minutes
Bestselling author Allison Hobbs delivers the sequel to Insatiable in this story of two women whose lives are consumed by their rivalry for the same man—a man who might not be alive.

A seductive tale of lust and revenge, The Climax charts the entangled lives of two women—Terelle and Kai—who have both suffered irrecoverable losses in their pursuit of Marquise, who is believed to be dead. Kai is in prison, and Terelle suffered from a mental breakdown after losing her fiancé. After two years of catatonia, Terelle is awakened by a sweet and mysterious kiss, and the voice of her lost love.

As Terelle recovers, she clings to the idea that Marquise—who is the father of her child—is still alive and out there, waiting to reunite with her. She goes into grueling rehabilitation in order to find a way back to him, all the while enduring the concern of loved ones, who think she is delusional. At the same time, Kai is jailed for a murder she didn't commit, but that doesn't stop her wanton behavior.

Not a day goes by that Kai doesn't plot a wicked revenge on Terelle. Throughout steamy prison encounters, and despite a lifetime sentence, Kai vows that Terelle will never know a moment of peace, so long as she lives.

Both women teeter on the edge of insanity as they suffer the loss of love. One woman’s quest to figure out if her man is merely a figment of imagination might leave her toppling over the edge, while the other will learn that the cost of vengeance could be death.
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