Clementine: Friend of the Week

Written by:
Sara Pennypacker
Narrated by:
Jessica Almasy

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2010
1 hour 57 minutes
This week is going to be the best ever for Clementine. She' s been chosen as Friend of the Week in her third grade class-- and she' s bubbling with excitement! This great honor means you get to be a line leader, collect lunch money from everyone, and feed the fish. It also means the other kids will give her a nifty booklet saying what they like about her. What could be better than that? Hoping to get the most glowing, perfect booklet ever, Clementine gets her friend Margaret to help her come up with ways to get on her classmates' good sides. But when Clementine' s plans don' t work out, she has to try extra hard to repair her friendship with Margaret. This peppy addition to Sara Pennypacker' s critically acclaimed series will have young listeners cheering and giggling. Narrator Jessica Almasy keeps the pace light and fun, while voicing the adventures of this fan-favorite heroine. ' What is not to like about the spirited Clementine?'-- Children' s Literature
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