A Clash of Aliens

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2022
7 hours 39 minutes
When last we left our intrepid heroes . . .

Adam Cain had been taken captive by the new mutant queen of the flesh-eating Sol-Kor invaders, while his trusty sidekick Riyad Tarazi made it safely back to the Milky Way.

Now Riyad sets out on a desperate mission to rescue Adam. His task appears impossible, as Adam is being held in another universe cut off from our own. The only person who can help Riyad is the immortal mutant genius Panur . . . who's disappeared somewhere in the galaxy with Adam's daughter Lila. In his search of the mutant, Riyad enlists the help of Lila's mother, the sensual Arieel Bol, along with the uninvited-yet always entertaining-Sherri Valentine.

Along the way, he picks up a menagerie of assorted characters, as he seeks to stay one step of galactic forces out to stop him at all costs. And those against him include both the Juireans . . . and the Humans! Neither wants to see a link between the two universes reestablished. To them, allowing Riyad to succeed would mean the deaths of untold trillions of innocent creatures.
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