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Christian Parables: The Ventriloquist

Christian Parables: The Ventriloquist

Written by:
Jwyan C. Johnson
Narrated by:
Priscilla Broussard
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2021
1 hour 3 minutes
Imagine a biblical playground of new riddles & parables where the scriptures themselves play along with you! It's a twist-n-learn experience of fun mystery & a better bible memory! Discover a ventriloquist without his puppet, watch a blind architect, witness a hide-n-seek champion who finally finds himself! Share the morals, fun facts, and even fun facts with the symbolism of today. For all ages.

Your List of New Christian Parables:

The Hidden Smile Parable

A hide-n-seek champion becomes thrilled to be found inside a 'new game which hides from him! And 'ready or not,' wisdom comes to reveal who's truly 'It.'

The Parable of the Ventriloquist

A mysteriously famous ventriloquist, without his puppet, reveals the 'real dummy' to a potential fan.

The Smarter Copycat Parable

A schoolboy takes an 'open book test,' but in the subjects of School Crushes, Wisdom, and Caution.

The Unsuspecting Suspect Parable

A standoff between a suspect and police becomes a mission for a hostage negotiator, a chess player, and an invisible smokescreen were (spiritual) justice is served.

The Parable of the Patient's Patience

A concerned father experiences the homonym effects between 'patience' and 'patients.'

The Blind Architect Parable

A construction crew, blamed for a child's injury, discovers the real reason which hits many 'like a ton of bricks.'

The Parable of A Fair Affair

A potential office romance is threatened by an unusual request by Mr. Right result in a Ms. Story (or missed story) (or mystery).

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