The Change: A BBC Radio Sitcom: The Complete Series 1-3

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2020
8 hours 21 minutes
All three series of the BBC radio comedy about a troubled wife and a transvestite husband

Now that their children have left home, George and Carol finally have time for themselves again. Carol's looking forward to it being just the two of them. George, however, thinks the time is right to finally be honest with his wife - and introduces her to his alter ego Georgina...

As Carol tries to come to terms with this shock announcement, she and George have some work to do if they want to save their marriage. Can George bear to get rid of his entire wardrobe of women's clothes - even his favourite tiara? What will his friends and family say when they find out his secret?

Scripted by award-winning husband-and-wife writing duo Jan Etherington and Gavin Petrie (Second Thoughts, The Other Man), this cross-dressing comedy about midlife crises, surprises, silk underwear and Laura Ashley stars Lynda Bellingham as Carol and Chris Ellison and Philip Jackson as George.

Production credits
Written by Jan Etherington and Gavin Petrie
Produced by Maria Esposito (Series 1) and Elizabeth Freestone (Series 2 and 3)

First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 15 November-20 December 2001 (Series 1), 7 February-14 March 2003 (Series 2), 3 November-8 December 2004 (Series 3)

Carol - Lynda Bellingham
George - Chris Ellison/Philip Jackson
Violet - Sylvia Syms/Marcia Warren
Maureen - Maureen Beattie
Dave - Mark Powley
Ken - James Vaughan
Jerry - Kevin Bishop/Richard Standing/Barnaby Kay
Sonia - Emma Kennedy
Man/Linda - Andrew Westfield
Herself- Diana Aitchison
Amanda/Cassandra - Paul Chadhidi
Doctor/Nurse/Donna/Researcher - Rosie Armstrong
Herself - Jenni Murray
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