The Center Cannot Hold: My Journey Through Madness

Written by:
Elyn R. Saks
Narrated by:
Alma Cuervo

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2007
12 hours 14 minutes
Professor of psychiatry Elyn R. Saks writes about her struggle with schizophrenia in this unflinching account of her mental illness. In The Center Cannot Hold, Saks draws readers into a nightmare world of medications, a misguided health care system, and social stigmas. But she would not be defeated. With a strength and force of will that most can only imagine, Saks reclaimed her life and went on to achieve great success. 'In this engrossing memoir, Saks ... demonstrates a novelist's skill of creating character, dialogue and suspense.'-Publishers Weekly, starred review
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Lauri C.

This book was extremely interesting and informative about this disease and the way it is treated. It kept me wanting to continue listening even when my driving was finished

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Loved the book! Easy read

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Deborah B.

Excellent insight into mental illness. Raw and emotional and honest. Loved it.

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Michael B.

I think this novel is written from the view point of a mentally ill person that requires empathy continued support both mentally and physically. The only way that is possible in the real world is with financial assistance and a shielded world. For example her mental disorder was non violent and in all the years she never had a run in with law enforcement that resulted in a violation, which in turn keeps her out of educational opportunities, highly unlikely. The vast majority of mental illness patients is a revolving door that you know them on a first name basis. It is a good book that stresses the humanity side of interactions and is important to all people.

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Carol G.

Not crazy about this one. Seems slightly embellished coming from a very successful, highly-functioning person to accurately recount very specific incidence of schizophrenia. Hospital admissions and sought-out treatment regimens seemed like self-afflicted, almost attention-seeking, behaviors. To be given a job as a qualified mental health assistance as the very hospital where the person had been admitted twice in the past seems far-fetched. It almost appeared as though the treatment and hospital admissions to a mental health facility were sought out as a "project" to gain insight into the way mental health patients are treated.

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Sandra Z.

What a story!! Absolutely fantastic glimpse into the minds eye of someone with thought disorder. I also suffer from mental illness of a different variety, and I have always found the brain absolutely fascinating. Talk therapy and group therapy support saved my life long before medication became a part of my story, I loved this book and I cannot wait to read another by Elyn !

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