The Celtic Quest

The Celtic Quest

Written by:
Andrew Clawson
Narrated by:
John Pirhalla
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2022
9 hours 36 minutes
A Celtic Queen. A ruthless zealot. The terrifying relic that will change the world.

Two thousand years ago the Celtic Queen Boudica waged war against the Roman army. She nearly won, though history cannot explain why.

When Harry Fox uncovers lost documents from Aristotle and Emperor Nero, he learns Queen Boudica used an unearthly weapon to nearly topple Nero's army. And this weapon may still exist.

But Harry isn't the only one hunting for Boudica's relic. A religious zealot with millions of followers is chasing Harry on a path left by a desperate Roman general. A path that winds across Europe and leads to the truth behind Boudica's terrible power.

This is a race he cannot lose, for Boudica's relic threatens all of humanity - unless Harry gets it first.
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