Cattle Kingdom: The Hidden History of the Cowboy West

Written by:
Christopher Knowlton
Narrated by:
John Mclain

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2021
14 hours 9 minutes
A revolutionary new appraisal of the Old West and the America it made

The open range cattle era lasted barely a quarter-century, but it left America irrevocably changed. These few decades following the Civil War brought America its greatest boom-and-bust cycle until the Depression, the invention of the assembly line, and the dawn of the conservation movement. It inspired legends, such as that icon of rugged individualism, the cowboy. Yet this extraordinary time and its import have remained unexamined for decades.

Cattle Kingdom reveals the truth of how the West rose and fell, and how its legacy defines us today. The tale takes us from dust-choked cattle drives to the unlikely splendors of boomtowns like Abilene, Kansas, and Cheyenne, Wyoming. We venture from the Texas Panhandle to the Dakota Badlands to the Chicago stockyards. We meet a diverse array of players-from the expert cowboy Teddy Blue to the failed rancher and future president Teddy Roosevelt. Knowlton shows us how they and others like them could achieve so many outsized feats: killing millions of bison in a decade, building the first opera house on the open range, driving cattle by the thousand, and much more. Cattle Kingdom is a revelatory new view of the Old West.
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Angry W.

This books spends way too much time on the personality of rich assholes and how finely their furnishings were and only mentions the cattle business and cowboying in what seems like short asides in-between getting back to the real meat of the matter, the rich assholes instead of the big picture. The narrator was truly awful.

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A. Longa

As an economics and finance nerd, this books is awesome. The combination of actual events that occurred and their impact on a macro level globally is a perspective is often not written about. The reader gets the adventurous feeling of the Wild West while also learning about its impact to present day.

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