Cathartic Hypnosis: Releasing Trapped Emotions for a Full Life

Cathartic Hypnosis: Releasing Trapped Emotions for a Full Life

Written by:
Antonio Jaimez
Narrated by:
Jackson Anderson
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2024
4 hours 29 minutes
Discover The Transformative Power Of Cathartic Hypnosis

Do You Feel Trapped In A Cycle Of Negative Emotions? Do You Feel That Your Past Is Weighing You Down And Preventing You From Moving Forward? Have You Tried Multiple Approaches And Therapies With No Lasting Results? If You Identify With Any Of These Situations, This Book May Be The Solution You've Been Looking For.

The Problem With Conventional Hypnosis

You May Have Already Tried Traditional Hypnosis To Overcome Your Emotional Problems. But Have You Ever Wondered Why It Hasn't Worked In The Long Run? The Answer Lies In The Design Of The Suggestions Used In Traditional Hypnosis. Often, They Are Not Precise Or Powerful Enough To Get Through The Critical Factor Of The Brain, Which Is Why They Are Often Ineffective In The Long Run.

Why This Book Is Different

This Book Will Take You On A Journey Of Self-Discovery And Emotional Release. You Will Learn How To Map Your Mind, Understand Your Emotions, And Release Your Traumas (Chapter 1 To 4). Through Self-Hypnosis, You Will Dive Into The Language Of Your Subconscious And Release Your Trapped Emotions (Chapter 5 To 9). You Will See How Your Emotions Impact Your Physical Body And How You Can Dialogue With Your Inner Self, Rescue Your Inner Child, And Visualize Your Emotional Release (Chapters 10-13).

Imagine Your Life After The Reading

Imagine Your Life After You Have Finished Reading This Book. You See Yourself Maintaining Your Emotional Health, Cultivating Healthy Thoughts, And Living Cathartic Hypnosis As A Lifestyle (Chapter 18 To 25). You Feel Liberated, At Peace, And With A New Sense Of Purpose And Energy. Isn't That What You're Really Looking For?
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