Captive Witch

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2019
7 hours 3 minutes
A powerful witch. Four unlikely guardians. A curse that will create an unstoppable monster.

Enslaved for years by a powerful crime lord, Bryn has been forced to harness her elemental magic to create vile potions that have harmed countless supernaturals.

When the compound she's called home is attacked, Bryn escapes and tastes freedom for the first time in more than a decade.

But when the sins of her past race to catch up with her, she realizes a taste might be all the freedom she's destined for. Bryn's unusually strong earth magic puts a target on her back, and when she's hit with a deadly curse, her only hope comes in the form of four dangerously sexy supernaturals.

Taj, the fire-affinity witch who worked as her jailer. Poe, a panther-shifter assigned to bring in Bryn for a bounty. Silas, a daemon with a dark past. And Calder, a telekinetic and Bryn's first love.

If the five of them can't work together, the curse will claim Bryn's life and her magic. If that happens, it will spell disaster for supernaturals everywhere.

Contains mature themes.
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Jade Shaw

I couldn't finish it. The plot doesn't really make sense but I could have dealt with that. However, I hate when the heroine is an overly naive idiot. I mean, I get that she was held in captivity and purposefully kept sheltered and naive but it's irritating. She also acts likely a horny virgin which is super cringe. The male narrator also has a weird cadence to his voice that's difficult to describe and hard to listen to.

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