Candle in the Darkness

Written by:
Lynn Austin
Narrated by:
Christina Moore

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2007
15 hours 47 minutes
Book 1 in the Refiner's Fire series. The daughter of a wealthy slave-holding family from Richmond, Virginia, Caroline Fletcher is raised in a culture that believes slavery is God-ordained and biblically acceptable. But upon awakening to the cruelty and injustice it encompasses, Caroline's eyes are opened for the first time to the men and women who have cared tirelessly for her. Her journey of maturity and faith will draw her into the abolitionist movement, where she is confronted with the risks and sacrifices her beliefs entail.
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Lauri C.

Loved it!

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Awesome! Book! Loved the scriptures that were used.

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Esosa I.

Looove this book. Great story that ends well

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Lynn Fedina

Heart warming and heart breaking on every page. I am not sure that my heart was ready for the polite of the slaves and those that fought for them

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Elysia B

Very good book, the second is even better! It is sad and uplifting at the same time!

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