Cam's Chance

Cam's Chance

Written by:
Lisa Oliver
Narrated by:
John York
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2021
5 hours 53 minutes
Arrowtown Book 5

Can be listened to as a standalone

Camden 'Cam' Stone had a long past and a hard life. For the past ten years he'd kept up the façade of a businessman, running the only bar in Arrowtown. The hours were long, but the people were friendly and if he didn't share much about himself, no one seemed to care. But all that changed when a new baker came to town - a baker with a flippant personality and skills the whole town were soon talking about. Nobody could be that perfect, could they?

'Fabulous' Fergus Ferdinand was a bull shifter, and yes, his momma did have a sense of humor, once. Having been away from his fold for years, he'd come to the shifter town, in the hopes of building a business that would be good enough to convince his momma to come and live with him. From the moment he opened his bakery doors, people flocked to buy from him, eager for the new sweet sensations his business offered. So, it was understandable, when the gruff bar owner seemed immune to his sweet things and his sunny personality, that Fergus was a bit surprised. 

Unfortunately, Cam's suspicious nature, and his subsequent investigation into Fergus creates a whole stack of problems for the unlikely pair. Throw in a pair of pink unicorn pants, a momma in desperate need of saving, and a wolf with an éclair addiction and the couple are kept busy twenty-four seven. Just when they get to the point where the two men can take a breath, Fergus gets sick... and a whole stack of new challenges crop up. 

This is an MM Mpreg Fated Mates story. Although, it can be read as a standalone, reading the previous books will give you more understanding of the secondary characters. There is snarky humor, some violence, and a lot of sweet treats. As this book is intended for adults only, please store your entertainment responsibly. 
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