From Buddha to Thomas Merton: Wisdom from the Great Mystics, Sages, and Saints

Written by:
Kenneth Rose
Narrated by:
Kenneth Rose

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2018
4 hours 44 minutes
Immerse yourself in the diverse teachings of the world’s greatest spiritual masters through this illuminating and unifying audio course.

Your guide is Dr. Kenneth Rose (Ph.D., Harvard University), an acclaimed expert in comparative religion. Under his tutelage, you'll discover the lives and teachings of eleven holy persons throughout the ages and from around the world. Each of these legendary men and women helped bridge Eastern and Western spirituality. By examining their respective religious traditions, you will gain a deeper appreciation of world religions and interfaith dialogue.

Dr. Rose will help you place these paragons of faith in their historical contexts, showing you how they came to be such extraordinary channels of spiritual power and wisdom. Through their individual stories, you'll also expand your knowledge of religions like Hinduism, Christianity, and Buddhism; engage with the teachings of figures ranging from Aquinas and the Dalai Lama; and become aware of lesser-known spiritual leaders whose thought was ahead of their time.

The wisdom of each of these men and women is not only influential but also profound, moving, and beautiful. Through their words and actions, you will discover new ways to deepen your spiritual wisdom and knowledge of world religions. Join Dr. Rose on a journey that will engage your intellect and nourish your soul.

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Priscilla S.

Loved it! I would suggest to have a list of the names, some of them were new to me and gave me a hard time to get like Anandamayi Ma and Abhishiktananda.

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