Broken Wings and Bright Stars & other stories: Five BBC Radio 4 Full-Cast Dramas

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April 2023
5 hours 48 minutes
A collection of dramas set in South and Central America by acclaimed dramatist Mike Walker

An award-winning dramatist, author and feature writer, Mike Walker has written numerous original dramas for BBC Radio 4, including his epic chronicles Tsar, Caesar!, The Stuarts and Castle of the Hawk. Collected here are five of his gripping dramas from the 1980s and '90s, set around the Amazon rainforest and Nicaragua.

Broken Wings and Bright Stars - Life in Tomas's small Brazilian fishing village hasn't changed for generations. But the old ways are dying, and few men now venture out to sea. For young Tomas, the future lies with the developers and their promise of jobs and money - so when his grandfather asks for his help building a boat, he is faced with a dilemma... Gary Cady stars as Tomas, with Michael Spice as Jose, in this first play in the Broken Wings and Bright Stars trilogy.

Dull Sun, Polished Moon - American filmmaker Bill Krause leads a crew into the Amazon jungle to make a documentary about tribal life, accompanied by his friend Father Alvarro, Tomas and Javari, a Brazilian Indian. They want to record the truth - but the truth is complicated, and difficult to reconcile. This second drama in the Broken Wings and Bright Stars trilogy stars Gary Cady, Ronald Herdman, Crawford Logan and Steve Hodson.

Fallen Leaves, Dead City - In this final part of the Broken Wings and Bright Stars trilogy, Tomas, desperate to make a difference, has embarked on a dangerous venture. Forced to confront the consequences of his actions, he must put aside idealism and face some harsh realities. Starring Gary Cady, Frances Jeater, Richard Pascoe and Crawford Logan.

Staying Still - When Jack Lowell is not organising survival courses for unfit executives on a remote Scottish island, he is living with an indigenous tribe in the Brazilian rainforest. Then tragedy occurs and his two worlds collide. Unhinged by grief, he seeks to extract payment for his losses... Nigel Anthony and Hilary MacLean star in this haunting tale of ritual, remorse and revenge.

Compañeros - Four strangers meet and decide to make a journey into the heart of Nicaragua, but when they happen upon a group of trigger-happy Contras, their nightmare begins... Starring Derek Newark, Angharad Rees, Trevor Nichols and Colin Stinton.

Production credits
Written by Mike Walker

Broken Wings and Bright Stars
Cast Gary Cady, Michael Spice, Steve Hodson, Eric Lander, Pauline Letts, Martyn Read, Anton Phillips, Crawford Logan, John Webb, Jill Lidstone, Ronald Herdman, Patience Tomlinson
Directed by Christopher Venning. First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 23 October 1981

Dull Sun, Polished Moon
Cast Gary Cady, Ronald Herdman, Steve Hodson, Frank Ellis, Crawford Logan, John Livesey, Stephen Thorne, Hugh Dickson
Directed by Christopher Venning. First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 15 April 1982

Fallen Leaves, Dead City
Cast, Richard Pascoe, Gary Cady, Frances Jeater, Beth Porter, Aaron Swartz, Ronald Herdman, Nick Reding, James Bryce, Crawford Logan, Alex Jennings, Stuart Organ,
Henry Stamper, Michael Spice, John Livesey
Directed by Christopher Venning. First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 3 February 1983

Staying Still
Cast Nigel Anthony, Hilary MacLean, Bob Docherty, David Bannerman, Pavel Douglas, Patricia Gallimore, Deborah Berlin, Cornelius Garrett, Tina Gray, Richard Fleming, Aled Jones, Rachel Oldfield, Anna Rose
Directed by Shaun MacLoughlin. First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 1 October 1994

Cast Derek Newark, Angharad Rees, Trevor Nichols, Colin Stinton, Stuart Milligan, Arturo Venegas, Francisco Morales, Alan Dudley, Michael Deacon
Directed by Peter King. First broadcast BBC Radio 4,11 January 1988

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