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Broken Crown

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2023
6 hours 12 minutes
Unrequited Love. Arranged Marriage. A love triangle for the ages. A contemporary mafia retelling of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

I will do anything for my family, and as the heir to the Campisi Mafia throne, I fall on my sword and do what's expected of me-it wasn't an accident that I was given the name King.

I marry the girl I love-who's already in love with someone else, and because I'm a masochist, I make him her personal bodyguard. After all, who better to protect the woman I love than the man she loves?

I have seven days after our wedding to own her-body and soul. Seven days to show her everything I feel.

But tragedy strikes, and I'm forced to take the weight of the mafia crown on my head. Now I need my Queen by my side. I don't know who's with me or against me, but I will rule them all with an iron fist and make everyone proud. As our seven days come to an end, I wonder how I will ever be able to let her go.

'Until it ends,' I whisper. A tear slides down her cheek. 'Until it ends.' Amen.

Contains mature themes.
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