The Boutique in Bar Harbor: A Fake Engagement Romance

Written by:
Amy Rafferty
Narrated by:
Ann Richardson

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2024
7 hours 3 minutes
Mystery, Love, Redemption. Can their bond untangle The Boutique's secrets?

Immerse yourself in the intoxicating romance of "The Boutique In Bar Harbor," a heartwarming tale in the Secrets In Maine series. Experience the allure of Cara Rivers, a woman shrouded in mystery and beauty, captivating not only the people of Bar Harbor but also her own family. At Rivers Boutique, where contemporary sophistication meets old-world romance, Cara curates a collection of the latest fashion, exquisite antique jewelry, and enchanting ornaments.

Caught in the tangled web of fascination, Lance Steel, an FBI agent, becomes entangled in the Rivers family legacy. Once Cara's cherished childhood friend, Lance is torn between his duty and their deep connection. With rumors of art theft surrounding her family, Cara's trust in Lance was shattered, leaving their friendship in ruins.

But fate intervenes as a mysterious benefactor clears Cara's name, reigniting a flicker of hope. As high-profile antiquities vanish, the spotlight falls on the Rivers family once again. Determined to uncover the truth, Lance must win back Cara's trust. In a daring move, he proposes a fake engagement, plunging them into a whirlwind of emotions.

As their lives intertwine, Cara and Lance embark on a life-changing journey, united by a common goal. Together, they unravel the secrets of the ancient Element Wheel, discovering that true friendship endures, trust can be mended, and love holds the power to heal all wounds.

"The Boutique In Bar Harbor" is a captivating romance that will tug at your heartstrings. Be swept away by the blossoming love between Cara and Lance, as they navigate treacherous paths, reconcile their past, and forge a future filled with hope and undeniable passion. Indulge in this sweet and clean romance, where love conquers all, and happily ever afters await.

The Secrets In Maine Series

The Wright siblings are strong and unforgettable, but they all share inner strength, love, quirks, and the ability to support each other through challenges. This family is built on love, laughter, and a unique bond.

Get ready for an exhilarating adventure in The Secrets In Maine series, spanning across seven captivating books. Brace yourself for a cast of vibrant characters who will leave an everlasting impression. Join them as they embark on enchanting journeys, encountering quirky animals, and delving into heartwarming sagas. Experience the thrill of coming-of-age tales and later-in-life romances, with a rollercoaster of emotions that will make you laugh, cry, and yearn for more. This extraordinary series promises an adrenaline-pumping blend of love, tears, and laughter that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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