The Bookseller's Daughter: A completely heartbreaking and gripping World War 2 historical romance

Written by:
Daniela Sacerdoti
Narrated by:
Carlotta Brentan

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2023
8 hours 36 minutes
As golden sunlight shimmers across the crystal-clear waters, Francesca travels to the tranquil Italian island of Santa Caterina in search of precious rare books and a new beginning. Heartbroken after the sudden end of her long-term relationship, she jumped at the chance to help recover a collection of missing books. But when she arrives, she soon discovers she was invited by the island’s mysterious owner, alongside handsome local book collector Thiago, to unlock a secret that spans generations. Together, she and Thiago learn the books were hidden during the Second World War by Helèna, the young daughter of a bookseller, who sacrificed everything to save the island’s treasures from the Nazis. But where are they now? With only Helèna’s diary to guide them, Francesca finds herself growing closer to Thiago. And as they curl up under the stars, piecing together clues in the gentle, rose-scented breeze, Francesca begins to wonder if she can finally open her heart again… But an unbelievable act of courage in the final pages of the diary shatters everything she and Thiago thought they knew about Helèna. And when Francesca uncovers a heartbreaking secret that will lead her to the hidden collection, she realizes that there was a reason they were both chosen for this task and that this remarkable wartime story of love and sacrifice will change both their lives forever…
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