Blue Lightning: A Thriller

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2015
10 hours 30 minutes
Blue Lightning is the fourth in a stellar suspense series from Ann Cleeves set on the Shetland Islands, the basis for the hit BBC show Shetland, starring Douglas Henshall.

Inspector Jimmy Perez takes his fiancé home to Fair Isle, the tiny island he comes from, to meet his parents. The island is a magnet for bird watchers, who congregate at the local inn and lighthouse. When a local married celebrity, who had an eye for the lads, is murdered, Perez discovers that the suspects are very close to him indeed. With a sensational ending destined to create much buzz in the mystery world, Blue Lightning will thrill suspense fans everywhere.
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Desiree R.

Agreed, there are mostly 2 murders, but that doesn't bother me a bit, bc after the 1st murder I start guessing who might be #2. I am a hopeless Ann Cleeves addict, have been for over 10 yrs, when I read the books the first time around. But I forgot most of it ... I so enjoy her descriptions, characters and landscapes, a delicious plus is the beautiful accent of the narrator/s, they are both brilliant. It's the perfect mental Covid escape for me.

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Claudia S.

Caution: Spoiler alert! I've listened to almost all of Ann Cleeves books and at first I really liked them, but now I've noticed that each story there is an initial murder then a little later an additional murder. I don't like a story to be so predictable. In this book she kills off one of the main characters for no reason. It was not necessary for the story. I knew it was coming because I have not listened to them in the correct order but it still pissed me off because it wasn't necessary for the progression of the story. I think I will try and find a new author.

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