Blood Roses: The Houses of Lancaster and York Before the Wars of the Roses

Written by:
Kathryn Warner
Narrated by:
Corrie James

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2022
11 hours 23 minutes
The Wars of the Roses didn't start on the battlefield: Blood Roses traces it back to the beginning. Starting in 1245 with the founding of the House of Lancaster, Kathryn Warner follows a twisted path of political intrigue, bloody war, and fascinating characters over 200 years. From the Barons' Wars to the overthrowing of Edward II, Eleanor of Castile to Isabella of France, and true love to Loveday, Blood Roses reframes some of the biggest events of the medieval era-not as stand-alone conflicts, but as part of a long-running family feud that would have drastic consequences.
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