Written by:
Catherine Coulter
Narrated by:
Sandra Burr

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2017
10 hours 0 minutes
FBI agents Savich and Sherlock face two baffling cases in this riveting novel of knife-edge suspense from #1 New York Times bestselling author Catherine Coulter.

When 6-year-old Sam Kettering manages to escape after being kidnapped, FBI Agents Lacey Sherlock and Dillon Savich join forces with the boy’s father Miles—an ex FBI agent—to pursue his kidnapper, a creepy, charasmatic Southern evangelist.

As if the kidnapping case weren’t enough, Savich and Sherlock are at the same time desperate to find the cold-blooded killer of three high school math teachers in the Washington, D.C. area.
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Pamela Brown

The narrator does a wonderful job with characters and pulls the reader into their world by the emotions in the narrator voice.

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This book was good, I like Catherine's books. I felt like this one had way too much happen to the characters in one book.... otherwise it was a good story.

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This book was very poorly written. Right from the beginning when I heard the names of the characters I knew it was not one of her best. I mean, come on, a character that is referred to as "Fatso" with repeated descriptions of his big stomach, means nothing to the story. Then another character is described on and on about his weight and triple chins, etc. Words and phrases are often repeated and it just did not make for good listening. In the very beginning, the phrase "two dead math teachers" was repeated so often it drove me nuts. It is almost as if someone else wrote the book for Catherine Coulter. If this was the first Cathrine Coulter book I read I would not be inclined to read another.

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Wonderful read. Really interesting twists and turns. Coulter is a great author!

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Lee Werley

It was too long and I had to wait 7 weeks between the first mailing and the second. I had questions about the story that were not fully answered. The reading was okay.

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This book is just below average. It was a bit "messy" in that it had many story lines involving the main characters and everything was all tied up neat at the end .... but did it make sense? NO. Did it really answer all the questions? NO. Do you really care by the end of the book? NO. I did finish it and was happy to move on to more interesting tales.

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It was written like a childrens story book. Did not keep us interested or entertained.

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I thought the book was very good. I enjoyed watching the relationship between the kidnapped boy and young girl grow.

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This is a very average sort of mystery. It involves a kidnapping, the FBI, romantic relationship. The major mystery is why the boy was kidnapped. This is never entirely resolved in my thinking. It is answered, but does not make much sense to me. Lengthy and somewhat engaging.

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