The Big Show: Inside ESPN's Sportscenter

Abridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 1997
3 hours 0 minutes
From World Sports Headquarters in historic Bristol, Connecticut, comes the audiobook that's more colorful than Dennis Rodman's hair. For the first time, Keith Olbermann and Dan Patrick, the tag-team partners of ESPN's award winning Sportscenter, bring what People magazine calls their 'Letterman-like loopiness and Koppel-esque smarts' to listeners everywhere in THE BIG SHOW.

Less expansive (and easier to ge) than a big leaguer's autograph, THE BIG SHOW gives you the honest, horrifying, yet always entertaining story of two men, three cameras, and highlights run amok. It tells truths about the sports world the government doesn't want you to hear. Which government, nobody'sure, but there must be a government somewhere that doesn't want you to now about:

The voodoo that Keith and Dan do to make THE BIG SHOW run slicker than Pat Riley's 'do'

Keith and Dan's complaints about sports idiocies - and each other!

What superstars, celebrities and the press really think about Dan and Keith - and how they've survived to this day!

Listening to THE BIG SHOW, you'll have joy, you'll have fun, you'll have seasons in the sun, and you'll dismiss all notions of becoming a sportscaster yourself. But try as you may, your TV remote can't turn them off this time, so Dan and Keith's fragrantly illegal use of the mouth will keep you listening O-ver-time!
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