The Big Bad Wolf

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2005
8 hours 9 minutes
Who's afraid? Alex Cross battles the most ruthless and powerful killer he has ever encountered: a predator known only as the Wolf.

Alex Cross' first case since joining the FBI has his new colleagues stymied. Across the country, men and women are being kidnapped in broad daylight and then disappearing completely. These people are not being taken for ransom, Alex realizes. They are being bought and sold. And it looks like a shadowy figure known as the Wolf, a master criminal who has brought a new reign of terror to organized crime, is behind this business in which ordinary men and women are sold as slaves.

You're afraid.

Even as he admires the FBI's vast resources, Alex grows impatient with the Bureau's clumsiness and caution when it is time to move. A lone wolf himself, he has to go out on his own in order to track the Wolf and try to rescue some of the victims while they are still alive.

As the case boils over, Alex is in hot water at home, too. His ex-fiancie, Christine Johnson, comes back into his life—and not for the reasons Alex might have hoped.

Full of the unexpected twists and heartrending surprises that James Patterson delivers better than any other suspense writer alive, The Big Bad Wolf is an unforgettable thriller.
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Jonathan Gates

One of Patterson's best! The reader did a fantastic job at creating an aura for each character.

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Motthaku C.

Pretty good story.

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Vanessa B.

This book was a great read and it kept me wanting more.

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Loved it!

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Alex cross just keeps me on my toes

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Thought this book was fantastic. I love the series and the narrators

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Liliana C.

addicting, exciting, a true thriller

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Gary R.

SPOILER ALERT!!!! Good read, excellent narration! Only disappointed that the antagonist wasn’t caught by the end!

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Marcus C.

very very good. Patterson has a great mind

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Scott E

Loved this book! The anticipation and the thrill ride that Patterson puts you through while reading is such a rush!

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Michael Boyd

Over the top, the narrator tried to hard. It's a poorly executed book that runs at the pace you expect on every action movie. Everything is at a certain tempo then at the last 30 minutes it gets so intense you stop caring what happens because they just need to wrap it up and there is no more depth than a piece of paper.

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