The Best of Texas Folklore Volumes 1 & 2

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2001
6 hours 26 minutes
Wise, Witty Original Research on Texas Old & New - From Texas Folklore Society Members

Hear the funny, inspirational papers that were spoken at annual meetings of the Texas Folklore Society. Members of this legendary organization "talk fancy" about Texas peddlers, fly paper, funeral homes, horny toads, Jesse James, possums, babies, grandparents, cow chips, crazy women in the rafters, dogwood hoops, windmills that "steal air," early radio DJs and…much, much more!

Elmer Kelton - Paul Patterson: Teacher, Mentor, Friend
Tom Breedlove - A Fly Paper
Phyllis Bridges - La Quinceañera: Hispanic Folk Custom
Georgia Caraway - Texas Kitsch and Other Collectibles
Kenneth Davis - Peddlers in the 1930's / Pepe's Panaderia: Bread Lore
Patrick Dearen - Somewhere Over the Pecos: A Patterson Oz
Jim Harris - Texans on the Road: The Folklore of Travel
L. Patrick Hughes - Praising Potted Pork Parts: Austin's Spamarama
James Ward Lee - Talking Fancy / Hell Is for Heroes
Faye Leeper - Technology and Fast Foods Can Speed Up Aging
Becky Matthews - E-Lore
Archie McDonald - Uppity Women
'Wildwood Dean' Price - Survival Value in Fannin County, Texas
Joyce Gibson Roach - Baby Lore / Horny Toads in Fact, Fiction and Folklore
Mildred Sentell - Funeral Homes in Small West Texas Towns
Evelyn Stroder - Paul Patterson, Master Teacher
Lucy Fischer West - Three Decades with John O.
Henry Wolff Jr. - Madame Blackley: Seer of South Texas
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