Best Branding Secrets Bundle, 2 IN 1 Bundle: Building a StoryBrand and Laws of Branding

Narrated by:
Marcus Mulenga

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2021
0 hours 37 minutes
Best Branding Secrets Bundle, 2 IN 1 Bundle: Building a StoryBrand and Laws of Branding

To succeed online or any business in general for that matter, you need a brand. It's not enough to simply start spamming the web with content; you need to ensure that you have thought about who you want to be, how you are going to gradually raise awareness of your company, how you are going to introduce a gradually increasing number of potential customers to your products and services and how you are going to cement the loyalty of those who come across you. When you think of any big company, the brand is probably the first thing to come to mind. There are very few successful businesses that don’t have a prominent brand. Despite this, many small businesses and internet businesses don’t take the necessary time to create a strong brand and a strong identity that they can use to drive their organization forward.

This bundle will teach you everything you need to know about branding. You will learn how you can create a strong and memorable brand. You will learn strategies on how to grow this brand to the point that it is recognizable just by the logo alone. You will learn the importance of branding and how this can help your business succeed. You will learn tools and techniques you'll need to create a brand

that works for you in a highly effective manner.

This 2 in 1 bundle includes the following audiobooks:

1. Building a StoryBrand: The Ultimate Guide on How to Establish Brand Authority, Discover How to Stand Out From Your Competition and Build an Incredible Brand

2. Laws of Branding: The Ultimate Guide on the Power of Branding, Learn How to Create and Promote a Strong Brand That Would Help Establish A Winning Business

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