Beethoven in Paradise

Written by:
Barbara O'Connor
Narrated by:
Jeff Woodman

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2022
3 hours 56 minutes
Martin longs to be a musician. But a piano wouldn't fit in his mobile home, even if his father would let him have one. Martin's father wants him to play baseball and forget about all that 'sissy' music stuff. If it weren't for the harmonica he plays when he's out of the house, and the music he creates in his head when his father is yelling at him, Martin would have no music at all. Then he sees a violin for sale for $50 in a pawn shop window, and he can think of nothing else. There's just one problem: he only has $12.78. Will one of his friends in the Paradise Trailer Park help him solve his dilemma, or will Martin's love of music go forever unrequited? In this engaging audiobook, filled with humor, pathos, and a colorful cast of offbeat characters, Barbara O'Connor shows that friendship and dreams can accomplish miracles-even in Paradise. Jeff Woodman's lively narration and wonderful Southern accents create a diverse and believable cast of characters.
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