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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2022
12 hours 56 minutes
A tale as old as time . . .

A charismatic man could not see beyond his own brilliant reflection, never learning that true beauty lies within. His selfish behavior drew the ire of a witch with enchantment on her wicked tongue. A fiery curse was unleashed, engulfing the self-centered man's entire existence.

When at last the flames extinguished, he gazed upon his reflection to discover he was no longer breathtakingly handsome, but condemned with scorched flesh and twisted scars. He was no longer a man at all, but a beast.
While the ferocious beast raged, alienating everyone far and wide, a woman whose beauty was far more than skin deep lived in a world much simpler than his.

Her quiet life is disrupted when she's ambushed, threatened, and boldly steps in the path of her father's debt. However, it's not the thugs on her tail or the roaring beast testing her patience that threatens to be this sassy beauty's downfall.

It's the way her heart flutters whenever he is near, but some curses just can't be broken and really, how could she truly ever love a beast?

Contains mature themes.
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Book was great! Love anything by Cambria Hebert!!

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christina woods

I really enjoyed hearing this story come to life. The narrators did a wonderful bring the characters to life. A tale as old as time...... but with a modern day twist. Ander and Emogen captured a part of my heart during this journey with them. They are from two different worlds but that means nothing to Ander. Emogen is a sassy, strong woman who gives everything to those she loves with her whole heart. I love the way these two characters grow and change throughout their winding tale of curses, fires, betrayal and love. Ander is a charming beast of a man who has alot to learn about who he really is and not what others what him to be. Their story will continue to live with you even after you have finished reading. The world of the House of Misfits is such a wonderful one and the Beast just makes it better. I love how their a family by choice and loyalty not blood. Who doesn't love a swoon worthy fairytale that will pull at your heartstrings and give you all the warm wonderful feeling. This story will do that. Cambria has done such a wonderful job of weaving fairytales i grew up loving into a modern day world. She has done it again with this heartwarming modern fairytale. Ander "Reduced to nothing but a smoking husk of what was once a man. And it was in this endurance of agony that a curse was satiated and a beast was made." Emogen "Love is friendship set on fire"

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