The Beast of Limerick House

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2023
3 hours 58 minutes
The Limerick family began experiencing paranormal activity in the 1870s right after their unique mansion was built. Clive Limerick reported witnessing objects soaring across rooms, hearing disembodied laughter, and crying. Other members of the family reported seeing red eyes staring into the house from the windows. Even the ones on the second floor. Food was thrown from plates and utensils twisted into unusable shapes. A headless skeleton stalked the property and rumor has it, it was responsible for the missing Limerick children.

On the day the remaining family decided to finally leave the house, a fire iron allegedly floated up and started hitting the last Limerick son on the head killing him instantly. The family's tragedies took their toll on Annabelle Limerick and abandoned the family home. No one was ever brave enough to live in the house again, until 2021 when the remains of the building were moved to Alabama. But the activity continues. The glowing red eyes have returned and the headless skeleton is being blamed for a missing carpenter.

The Gulf Coast Paranormal team is ready to get answers for the new homeowners but are they equipped to deal with this potentially evil situation? With new technologies and some old-they take on the Beast of Limerick House. But will this entity be willing to leave without taking one more life?
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