Bash: Wolf Warriors MC

Written by:
K.C. Mills
Narrated by:
Georgie Kimble , Ace Bentley

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2023
7 hours 37 minutes
Sebastian “Bash” Howard is an enforcer who finds a family in the last place he expects: with a group of brothers that he is sent to target with murderous intentions. When he realizes that they have his back more than those that he once promised to protect, Bash
offers his loyalty to the Wolf Warriors MC and learns that even after his plans to take one of their lives, they vow to save his.

Cambri Tyler experienced a life of disappointments. After losing the only woman who truly showed her love, Cambri seeks to fill that void in anyone who is willing to soothe her troubled heart. The man she ends up giving her all to proves that she is little more to him
than a distraction. Eventually, she decides it’s best to stand on her own. As a single mother, she is dedicated to doing whatever necessary to support herself and her child.

A strong-willed and determined Cambri lands herself on a stage at a local MC club prepared to put in work, but quickly learns that the only man she’ll be dancing for is the one who understands her struggle and wants to prove that he can be the man she deserves.

Cambri and Bash are faced with the very valuable lesson that your darkest struggles can shift you into the light, if you’re willing to trust and let go.
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