Bad Hombres

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2023
10 hours 34 minutes
Slash and Pecos come face-to-face with the baddest hombre they've ever known: a kill-crazy mad man who's paving the road to hell-with bloodlust.

He blew into town like a tornado-a mysterious stranger with money to burn and a sadistic streak as wide as the Rio Grande. He says his name is Benson and he's come to invest in the town's future. First, he showers the banks and local businesses with cash. Then, he hires a pair of drunks to fight and get arrested so he can check out the local lawmen. After that, he warms up to a lady of the evening-with deadly results.

That's just the beginning.

By the time Slash and Pecos return to town after a quick-and-dirty cargo run, Benson has enlisted half the outlaws in the territory for his own private army. The local lawmen are quickly slaughtered and the US marshals are no match. With looters amok and killers festering on every corner, a person would have to be stupid or crazy to try to take the town back . . .

Luckily, Slash and Pecos are a little of both. They've been around long enough to see the worst in men-and they know that the best way to stop a very bad hombre . . . is to be even badder.
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